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10 Tips for Getting Through Your First 30 Days


Getting through the first 30 days of your sobriety can be as hard or as easy as you make it. Luckily, it can be a little bit easier if you follow simple suggestions and just put a little more effort into it. You may even find that you want to carry these tips with you throughout your entire sober life!

 10 Tips to Help Get You Through the First 30 Days of Being Sober

  1. Connecting with other sober people. It is really important for you to surround yourself with like-minded people who want to be sober just like you. And not people who are sober by default because of treatment or family but who WANT and are doing what it takes to be sober and stay sober.
  2. Eating healthy. Eating healthy is so important. While this is something most of us think we can just let fall to the wayside it is actually paramount to your mental and physical health in early recovery. Eating healthy can help heal organs and improve your mood as well as stabilize it. So get on this habit quick!
  3. Walking. You may or may not have a car in early recovery. If you don’t look at it as a blessing in your life. Why? Because long walks give you alone time, peace and quiet, the ability to connect with a higher power, nature, the world around you and it is exercise. All of these things will help ease stress and create a better mood.
  4. Read something. Read something along spiritual lines. Read a daily meditation book, something by Eckhart Tolle, or Wayne Dyer. This helps a lot to set your mind right during the day.
  5. Listen to motivating music. Whatever kind of music motivates you! Listen to it and let it pump you up for the next day sober and all you have accomplished thus far.
  6. Do things that are comforting. Make homemade meals like your mom makes, drink a warm cup of coffee in the morning, slow down and take comfort in the lack of chaos. Snuggle up in blankets and watch a movie. Find the comfort in your new life. Find the comfort that comes knowing that you aren’t going to be going through withdrawal tomorrow.
  7. Rest. Rest is so important. If you are tired please rest. You don’t have to do everything all at once. You have spent so much time running around and getting high. It took a while for you to get to this place of sobriety if you can’t get everything done that you wanted to, one more day isn’t going to be the end all be all. So rest. Take a nap, have one day that is all your own to do something relaxing.
  8. Be ridiculous. Let yourself act ridiculous. Those emotional highs and those emotional lows? Go with them. Bawl your eyes out for no reason, and dance up and down the street just because you feel like it. Let yourself feel. Be ridiculous. Who cares who notices, you’re sober.
  9. Have a romantic relationship in your head not in real life. Chances are you are going to have strong feelings moving around in mind and body. Not sure if it is quite your heart but allow yourself to feel this too. Just don’t necessarily act on it until you have talked to someone with some sober time as well. But if you have crush, cool.
  10. Have fun. Whatever that looks like. Hang out friends, laugh until you cry, cry until you laugh. Go out to dinner, experience something new. Become the person you want to be and just make sure you are loving every minute of it. It may be hard sometimes but if you have a good attitude you will make it.

Early sobriety is one heck of a ride, but you can and will make it through and when you do you will back on these days as some of your fondest memories. They are times of growth, immense pain, immense happiness and amazing miracles. How awesome is it to be sober?

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