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About Us

The Program of West Palm Beach


At The Program of West Palm Beach, we believe in using a number of different techniques to help individuals overcome their alcohol and drug addictions and begin the healing process. Our highly experienced team of counselors, therapists and addiction specialists take a personal approach with each patient, discovering their needs and strengths in order to achieve and remain in recovery. We recognize that each patient is unique, so we formulate each of our treatments according to what’s best for the individual.

Our Approach

The road to recovery can be frightening and difficult, but we are here to support our patients every step of the way. At The Program, we begin with a  gradual and supportive introduction into a sober environment and way of life. Our addiction recovery center works to empower patients through compassion and commitment, individualized therapy sessions and wellness programs that promote a healthy physical and mental state of being.  We offer both morning and evening treatment sessions that cater to each of our patient’s needs and busy schedules so the path toward recovery never feels forced or becomes an inconvenience.

Our Staff

Our staff brings years of knowledge and experience in substance abuse to the center, recognizing patients’ struggles and offering multiple treatment styles for addiction. They get to know each patient in order to discover the root of the addiction and determine the ideal approach to overcoming it. There are several treatment styles that may be used, including family therapy sessions and a Christian 12 Step track. Our counselors and clinical staff will provide a foundation for a new, sober way of life and the guidance each patient and family needs to learn how to hone in on their strengths and enjoy a life of sobriety.

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