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In the last ten years, South Florida has become home to another community besides the retirement one. Florida is now home to one of the largest recovery communities in the United States, and is growing by the second. Substance Abuse Treatment Centers, or rehabs for short, are becoming a 30 day home to more than 3 million people on a yearly basis according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. For many families sending their loved ones to treatment can be a scary experience, and not everyone knows what to expect once the 30 day stay ends.


         Many treatment centers now offer an array of services, from detox to inpatient treatment, as well as transitional living or halfway houses for continued care. When selecting a facility for extended care or Intensive Outpatient Treatment, it is important for families to keep in mind that your loved one’s recovery is dependent upon a solid foundation in recovery.

Here at the Program of West Palm Beach, we offer a variety of different levels of treatment that encourage ongoing sobriety. The importance of continued care after the initial 30 day inpatient stay could be the defining factor in whether you or your loved one relapses or stays sober. Recovery is not just a 30 day vacation, it is separation time for you or your loved one and many describe their state of mind as “finally being able to see clearly for the first time in a long time.”

Treatment is just the first step in the long road to recovery. After completing inpatient rehabilitation, outpatient treatment is the process to continue learning and healing to build a solid foundation to grow on. In addition to outpatient treatment, we encourage working a 12 Step Program to ensure continued sobriety which allows our patients the chance at a new life of recovery.

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