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Florida Drug Treatment Center

Florida Drug Treatment Center

Anyone who is affected by addiction can seek help at a drug rehab center, and we are here to provide it.

If you or someone you love is suffering with addiction in Florida, taking the first step toward recovery can be one of the most difficult decisions you ever have to face. For those whose lives are affected by addiction, seeking treatment is not the easiest process. Those overwhelmed with an addiction to alcohol or narcotics don’t always realize they are struggling with a problem, and those who have loved ones that are facing addiction may not understand they have resources available to help them.

The Program offers several types of outpatient services and wellness programs to fit each patient’s needs, including:

  • Detox
  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP)
  • Outpatient Therapy (OP)
  • Group Therapy       
  • Family Therapy Sessions
  • Traditional Tracks
  • Christian Tracks
  • Wellness Programs
  • Life Management Skills and Relapse Prevention

The Program is a unique drug treatment center in Florida that helps launch addicts on a lifelong road to recovery. We offer personalized treatment programs, from traditional to Christian tracks, in order to present a wide range of therapy options that cater to each individual’s unique needs. Our goal is to help foster the skills recovering addicts need in order to live fulfilling, healthy and addiction-free lives. With our help, you or your loved one can attain sobriety and physical and emotional well-being.

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There are hundreds of drug rehab centers in Florida, so what makes The Program different than the rest?

  • For one, we focus on treating addiction at the root of the problem. Although some may believe addiction is centered on the actual substance abuse itself and the addict’s physical and psychological dependency on the substance, the real issue is much more complex. At The Program, we work with patients in a calm and therapeutic setting and help them understand what is truly causing their addiction in order to create a comprehensive, personalized treatment that is unique to each patient.
  • Through intensive treatment, family sessions, and wellness programs, we help patients foster a healthy relationship with themselves, their loved ones, and if they choose, with a higher power. Our drug treatment center offers a special Christian Track that enables patients to reconnect with God and establish a relationship with Him in order to achieve sobriety through spiritual healing.
  • Additionally, our drug rehab facility stands apart from other centers because most of our facilitators know first-hand what it’s like to face addiction. Most of our clinicians are in recovery themselves and can relate to patients on a much deeper level, as opposed to therapists that may not have a personal experience with addiction. One of the most important steps in recovery is to know there is someone that understands exactly what you are going through, and at The Program, that’s exactly what patients will find. Our clinicians only make recommendations they cannot personally attest to and truly have an altruistic passion for their work that enables them to connect with patients and sympathize with their needs. 

A Personal Road to Recovery

At The Program, there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” method of addiction treatment. We believe in creating a personalized recovery plan that caters to each patient’s needs, sobriety goals and schedule, regardless of whether the patient is suffering with addiction to alcohol, cocaine, prescription medications, or other substances. Our dedicated staff has years of experience treating patients who are struggling with an addiction to alcohol or substance abuse and nurture them on their personal road to recovery.

Becoming sober takes time, understanding and compassion. The Program helps patients achieve more fulfilling life without the need for alcohol or drugs. We aim to help patients attain both physical and spiritual wellness and help them learn how to empower themselves and live an addiction-free life.

Let us help set you or your loved one on the course to sobriety. Give our drug rehab center in Florida a call to discuss our addiction treatment options in further detail and to determine the best approach for you or your loved one’s recovery. 855-977-7647

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