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If you haven’t yet read Wild by Cheryl Strayed, it can’t hurt to get your hands on the book before the movie version starring Reese Witherspoon comes out in theaters this December. The book details Strayed’s struggles with death, divorce, and drug abuse. Her solution to these problems? To hike the 1000 mile-long Pacific Crest Trail.

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Studies have shown that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is as effective or more effective in fighting depression and addiction than prescription drugs. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is known to help patients achieve long-term and short-term success in quitting their addictions. This form of therapy helps patients analyze the costs and the toll that their addictions are taking on their lives.

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Individuals who make the decision to stop using drugs and alcohol face many challenges. Understanding the underlying causes of addiction can take time and may require professional assistance. How an individual deals with stress, socializes, or perceives him or herself are all factors that contribute to recovery. Proper stress management, social supports, and self-perception and self-esteem are key to any recovery program.

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Celebrity lives are more exposed than ever before, and we now have access to every detail of Hollywood hotshots. In some ways, all this publicity is negative, especially for the celebrities; however, there is at least one major positive: Stars are in unique positions to speak about their struggles with addiction and raise awareness. When they speak about alcoholism and drug dependence, they have an audience waiting, and when they stumble, fans are watching and learning that drug addiction is a dangerous disease.

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