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Day and Night Definition


Day and Night Definition

Our Day & Night level of care provides a higher level of care for a client requiring additional support managing the early stages of recovery from addiction.

During our day and night level of care the client is provided with:

  • 24 hour staff supervision and support from staff
  • Group therapy Monday through Friday each week
  • Multiple¬†individual therapy sessions with a licensed therapist each week

Our Day & Night level of care also provides the client with weekly equine therapy, chiropractic services, and weekly psychiatric evaluations for any medication management needs.

Daily Support

In addition to clinical treatment, clients are afforded lunch, gift cards for grocery shopping, massages, haircuts or manicures, and weekend activities (such as kayaking, paintball, bowling, etc.) Clients are also given access to exercise at a gym during breaks between clinical group and individual therapy.

Spiritual Support Day and Night

Clients looking to connect with spiritual supports are afforded time to attend religious service on the weekends and meet with spiritual support staff. Upon completion of Day & Night level of care, clients are provided the opportunity for intensive outpatient services and living at a recovery residence.

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