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The Traditional Track


The Traditional Track

Our program is tailored to fit your schedule, and combines the 12 Steps with traditional substance abuse treatment models to achieve ongoing sobriety.

The Traditional Track here at the Program of West Palm Beach stands out compared to other intensive outpatient programs you will come in contact with. We have licensed therapists who assist our clients in both group therapy settings and individually. Our goal is overcoming active addiction, and guide our clients in living a full, healthy life by implementing the 12 Steps into daily life. Along with our 12 Step philosophy we guide clients through the knowledge of the disease of addiction.

Our program includes:

  • 3-hour treatment sessions, once a week – Outpatient Therapy (OP)
  • 3-hour treatment sessions, three times a week- Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)
  • Groups offered twice daily from 9:00 AM- 12:00PM & 6:00PM- 9:00PM
  • 12 Step based groups, with focus on the principles of the 12 Steps
  • Addiction education and relapse prevention
  • Individual counseling sessions once weekly
  • Transportation to and from facility
  • Sober living arrangements offered

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